A Melting Pot: Ingredients Differ

As I dive deeper into this burgeoning interest of politics - both local and national - I find myself thinking about an issue that has bothered for some time.  Even before the current election.  Even before the last several elections, to be honest. Presidential candidates offer several of the same promises that Americans like to... Continue Reading →


I Am Running For Office

I got you to read it, didn't I?!?! Okay, it was a sneaky thing to do.  BUT...the title of this post does hold relevance, so if you bear with me, I'll elaborate more after I say what I have to say. It's been a week and two days since the election.  A week and two... Continue Reading →

Where Do I Put This Fire?

What god damned difference can I make? This, I'm sure, is what millions of people are asking themselves after this disastrous election.  Yes, I said disastrous, because that's exactly what it is: DISASTROUS. Am I being melodramatic?  Fine.  This is one of the rare instances you can pigeonhole me as a Stereotypical Gay Man overreacting... Continue Reading →


NaNoWriMo is among us.  For the uninitiated, that would be National Novel Writing Month.  Sure, I'm a few days late recognizing this fantastical time of the year (sorry, Christmas), but I'm here now.  So, as my Bronx born mother would say, Let's tawk. I have been aware of NaNoWriMo for several years.  It was brought... Continue Reading →

My days off are few and far between.  That's not to say I'm so busy that I can't manage time for myself.  In fact, I probably have the kind of time any writer with a day job would kill for. I tend to work six days a week at my current job.  Even with that... Continue Reading →

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