A Melting Pot: Ingredients Differ

As I dive deeper into this burgeoning interest of politics – both local and national – I find myself thinking about an issue that has bothered for some time.  Even before the current election.  Even before the last several elections, to be honest.

Presidential candidates offer several of the same promises that Americans like to hear.  A boost in our economy, of course.  More jobs, more jobs, more jobs.  A safer country.  Gun control.  All of that, among other things.

These are not issues I speak of lightly.  Certainly small business growth is key.  And who doesn’t want a job?  No one, of course, wants to think about an unsafe America.  And holy heck, guns are a giant problem.  Right??

Yet with all the promises, and all the ideology, candidates don’t seem to stop and recognize something: AMERICA IS NOT HOMOGENOUS.  America, after all, is the wonderful Melting Pot we were taught in elementary school.  Our amazing country is full of differences across the board – cultural, educational, economical, to name a few.


Let’s imagine, for a moment, America as One Giant Borderless Country.  Go ahead, give it a try.

When a candidate promises to lower unemployment “in America,” is he or she considering that gaining employment in New York City is entirely different than finding a job in, say, Flagstaff?  When they tout making America safe, do they consider the crime rate in Detroit as opposed to, say, the crime rate in Idaho Falls?  How are these candidates tackling these issues specifically when they’re not on stage making promises they may or may not be able to keep?

Gun control, for example.  Let’s regulate it, do background checks, blah blah blah.  Look, my stance on gun control is surprisingly lenient.  I support background checks and making certain regulations, but let’s face it: there are MILLIONS of guns in this country, so trying to block someone who really wants one from actually getting one is like catching Niagara Falls in a paper cup.  Give it a try, but good fucking luck.  Yet candidates still say how they’re going to get a grip on the issue.

With each election I feel like this is the key factor that proves these politicians are telling us what we want to hear.  Donald Trump is the master.  “I have great plans for this country, excellent plans.  It’s going to be just terrific.”  Great.  Can you make stamp-sized Rhode Island as great as California?  Can you promise gay night clubs in San Francisco will not suffer the same fate as Orlando?  Can you tell me business will thrive in Flint as they do in San Diego?  Can you promise the education a child receives in Albany will be as significant for a child in Des Moines?

How do candidates make blanket statements when there’s simply not enough cloth to go around?

I know that I’m out of my element here.  I do.  I’m talking out of my ass a little bit, too.  I’m still learning, trying to educate myself.  Clearly these concerns are why we have Secretaries of Education, Labor, State, etc.  The States, I realize, try to have their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in their districts as well.  I’m not completely naive, but I’m still a little troubled.

Do the candidates purposely avoid straying into specifics because, ultimately, citizens don’t want to think of the United States as having…differences?  Oh my gosh, that’s it, isn’t it?

Or maybe I’m just being silly.  Even as I reread this post I’m still not quite satisfied with the point I’m trying to make.  I just can’t seem to articulate it.  Maybe in a year, when I’m more informed, more well-versed, I can give this a rewrite.

Look, I want America to be awesome.  I want our differences to be exactly what makes us what we are.  The entire world admires us.  Let’s face it, despite recent events, we are still pretty awesome.  And we will stay that way….I hope.



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