My days off are few and far between.  That’s not to say I’m so busy that I can’t manage time for myself.  In fact, I probably have the kind of time any writer with a day job would kill for.

I tend to work six days a week at my current job.  Even with that kind of schedule, I only manage about 35 hours, max.  Yes, you can drop your jaw, it’s okay.  Believe me, I’d much rather work 40 hours and have two days off, but I digress.


If it matters, my time off isn’t at all exciting.  You’d think I’d spend it hunched over a keyboard, chipping away at my novel-in-progress.  Nope.  Instead I manage to waste time in such magnificent ways.  Watching television.  The gym.  Watching television and thinking about going to the gym.  I even manage to chastise myself for having allowed so much unused time to slip by.

I do manage to get work done sometimes.  When I do, I like to search out places to do so.  It’s rare I find interesting places to find solace.

Starbucks works.  Yes, I’m that douche who sits with his laptop or notebook, sipping at his overly-complicated latte, pretending I have the chops to make it as a writer.  The library, too, is nice.  But the library, you see, has free wifi; I tend to spend more time on Facebook than I do writing.


There aren’t many other places to go, though I’ve tried.  The park.  The mall.  A bar.  I’ve gone into work on my day off because, despite seeing it six days a week, I like the atmosphere.

Then I remembered there’s one place that I’ve only visited once before.  A vineyard.  Close to home.  With a spectacular view and fantastic wine.  So why not come back?  It’s my day off, after all.  It could very well be inspiring, you know?

Okay, I’ll be honest.  I’m not hoping to feel a spark to jot down ten pages worth of material.  In fact, so far, this blog post is as far as I’ve gotten.  I shouldn’t even be drinking, given my horrific experiences with gout in the past year (long, long story, I’ll bore you with it another time).

BUT…I work hard.  I’m a good person.  I’m not out bar-hopping or murdering small children (though, working in customer service, I would like to sometimes).  I think I deserve to relax and enjoy myself.  And my god, it’s not expensive at all.

So here I am, at Orfila Winery, in my hometown of Escondido, California.  It truly is a wonderful place.  The view is not only beautiful, but cathartic.  Before I propped open my laptop, I sipped a glass of wine and stared out at the expanse for a good half hour.  Reflecting.  Chilling out.  Taking stock.  And I’m loving it.  Could this be an everyday thing?  God, no.  I’d go insane.  But once in a great while?  Abolutely.

The downer is the winery, too, has free access to wifi.  At least I get to pop open WordPress and enlighten you with my afternoon.  Not that you’re swooning, or anything.

Now I have to actually get some work done.

If I don’t, though, I’ll be okay with that.  The view alone is cathartic on its own.


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