Another Gout Post, Okay??

I am here to admit that I have fallen out of favor with the gym for almost two weeks. Two weeks. My god. Wasn't I ridiculously gung-ho about working out not too long ago? Wasn't I posting videos on Instagram about trying to stay motivated even when it's hard? Yes. To both of those things.... Continue Reading →


Love/Hate Relationship: Parsley

This week's episode of Love/Hate is brought to you by Parsley.  Parsley: when you want something that tastes awful to look amazing. Okay, that was a bit dramatic. Seriously, though, I'm only now truly beginning to understand the wonder of parsley.  Maybe 'wonder' is a strong word.  How about 'enjoyment'?  Or 'necessity'? Since I was... Continue Reading →

Jack of All Trades

Oh my gosh, I've done it all.  Job-wise, that is.  It dawned on me while reading - of all things - Facebook memories.  You know, posts from the past, exactly one year to the day? Or two years, and so on? I was reading a "memory" about one job in particular.  I was a Signing... Continue Reading →

Gout in Real Life 2

Gout.  That jarring word.  I still hate saying it.  It's sharp, disconcerting, and uncomfortable - like 'moist' or 'Trump.'  I'm 42 years old, hardly ancient, and I still attribute gout to being an old man's ailment, not that of a relatively active middle-aged man (good god, I'm middle-aged).  Gout is for the cranky miser whose... Continue Reading →

A D-lightful Year of Parenting

When your life is routine, and fairly mundane, you begin to believe that there isn't much that can change it.  Life was beige.  Waking up, doing mundane things, going to work, earning a paycheck, grocery shopping, laundry, maybe a night out to eat.  Sometimes, if Keith and I had a day off together, we'd go... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations

I woke early this morning.  I started the coffee.  I hobbled into the bathroom and did what humans do in the bathroom.  Then I washed my hands, put in my contacts.  I gave myself a cursory assessment, barely a glance. Then I leaned over to put the towel back on the rod and caught a... Continue Reading →

Meet My Therapist: The Kitchen

After a grueling day of work, or a trying episode with our five-year old, or perhaps a muscle-searing workout, I need a little sumthin' sumthin' to calm my nerves.  A fixation to steer me away from thinking about the pressures of life.  Not that my life is difficult, mind you, but there are days when... Continue Reading →

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