Asparagus & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breast with a side of warm Beans, Celery, and Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken breast is my go-to protein.  It's versatile, healthy, and filling.  I cook more with chicken breast than I do any other meat, mostly because it's lean and absorbs almost any flavor you add to it.  You know, like tofu...except chicken doesn't test your gag reflex (I kid, tofu lovers, I kid). I was once... Continue Reading →


Steamy Starbucks Memories…with Extra Caramel!

I recently read an article about Starbucks and their "for a limited time only" reusable holiday cups.  Apparently "for a limited time only" means running out within the first hours of a Starbucks location - ANY location - opening its doors in the morning.  I want to say don't get me started but, here I... Continue Reading →

Vegetative State

Several years ago I attempted a month of Veganism (does that even get capitalized?).  I'll never forget it.  May, 2012.  I remember treating it like any level-headed person going on a diet would: with serious reservations and a ton of anxiety.  Would it be difficult?  What would I be able to eat?  Would I suffer... Continue Reading →

Love/Hate Relationship: Parsley

This week's episode of Love/Hate is brought to you by Parsley.  Parsley: when you want something that tastes awful to look amazing. Okay, that was a bit dramatic. Seriously, though, I'm only now truly beginning to understand the wonder of parsley.  Maybe 'wonder' is a strong word.  How about 'enjoyment'?  Or 'necessity'? Since I was... Continue Reading →

A D-lightful Year of Parenting

When your life is routine, and fairly mundane, you begin to believe that there isn't much that can change it.  Life was beige.  Waking up, doing mundane things, going to work, earning a paycheck, grocery shopping, laundry, maybe a night out to eat.  Sometimes, if Keith and I had a day off together, we'd go... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations

I woke early this morning.  I started the coffee.  I hobbled into the bathroom and did what humans do in the bathroom.  Then I washed my hands, put in my contacts.  I gave myself a cursory assessment, barely a glance. Then I leaned over to put the towel back on the rod and caught a... Continue Reading →

Meet My Therapist: The Kitchen

After a grueling day of work, or a trying episode with our five-year old, or perhaps a muscle-searing workout, I need a little sumthin' sumthin' to calm my nerves.  A fixation to steer me away from thinking about the pressures of life.  Not that my life is difficult, mind you, but there are days when... Continue Reading →

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