Pasta w/Grilled Chicken & Sawce (as my New Yawk mom would say)

Part of the reason I wanted to continue with my blog antics was my passion for cooking.  I really enjoy it.  It's cathartic, therapeutic - and sometimes what I cook is actually edible. I want to become more prolific in my recipes, so here goes.  Last night's fare was relatively simple, but very healthy, and... Continue Reading →

Where, Oh Where, Could My Little Life Be?

I'm often left wondering where my life might be had certain events not taken place.  Or specific decisions.  Because, in all honesty, I get frustrated that I am where I am.  Which, in my heart of hearts, feels like nowhere sometimes. Let me preface the rest of my post with a few disclosures.  First of... Continue Reading →

A D-lightful Year of Parenting

When your life is routine, and fairly mundane, you begin to believe that there isn't much that can change it.  Life was beige.  Waking up, doing mundane things, going to work, earning a paycheck, grocery shopping, laundry, maybe a night out to eat.  Sometimes, if Keith and I had a day off together, we'd go... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations

I woke early this morning.  I started the coffee.  I hobbled into the bathroom and did what humans do in the bathroom.  Then I washed my hands, put in my contacts.  I gave myself a cursory assessment, barely a glance. Then I leaned over to put the towel back on the rod and caught a... Continue Reading →

Meet My Therapist: The Kitchen

After a grueling day of work, or a trying episode with our five-year old, or perhaps a muscle-searing workout, I need a little sumthin' sumthin' to calm my nerves.  A fixation to steer me away from thinking about the pressures of life.  Not that my life is difficult, mind you, but there are days when... Continue Reading →

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