Not a Grinch, Just a Grouch. But I’ll Get Over It.

Ah, Christmas Eve.  Colorful lights are twinkling.  Stockings are hung with care.  Carolers are making their way from door to door.  A light, fluttery haze of snow is falling from the crisp, white sky while angelic ballerinas twirl magically through the air... I'm kidding.  This isn't The Nutcracker, for Christ's sake. Christmas, clearly, throws me... Continue Reading →


Pressed For Words

I'm here, at my computer, dressed and ready for work.  Miraculously I have 20 minutes to kill.  This almost never happens.  I'm horrible at getting ready in the morning.  I will push sleep until the last possible minute, and sometimes further.  This does not often work in my favor.So the question I've posed myself is... Continue Reading →

Patience, a Wasted Virtue

In ten years I've written very little, not nearly as much as I should have.  Yet I call myself an aspiring writer.  But it says so on my Twitter profile!  After all, if it says so on Twitter, then is must be true.  Ten years is a long, long time.  Ten years is a childhood.... Continue Reading →

The Beginning…Again.

It's time to start blogging again.  The decision has been made.  It's final.  Unless, of course, I decide not to.  Like an ornery teenage girl, I tend to change my mind a lot.I will try to make my posts brief.  Why?  Because there's nothing worse than a long-winded diatribe about politics, or religion, or how... Continue Reading →

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