Everything Happens for a Reason

The recent series of Life Lessons I have experienced have been sobering.  First, turning 40 was a more pleasant surprise than I'd anticipated.  Then, sadly, my "career" with Starbucks took a disappointing turn.  Of course, losing my car - and potentially my life - completely opened my eyes.  It's like these experiences were all ear-marked... Continue Reading →


Test Drive – From Zero to 40

Last night, as I neared sleep, I had started to sink into self-misery.  My life has been taking turns I haven't necessarily been pleased with.  But as I lay there, a mental reflex kicked in, something I truly believe I wouldn't have experienced twenty, ten, even five years ago.  My mind made a pleasant yet... Continue Reading →

The Art of Losing

Yesterday, as I cleaned out my car - which had been deemed a Total Loss by the insurance company - I was struck with a profound sense of surrealism:  I always seem to be losing something. It's a sobering task, cleaning out your vehicle, knowing it will be taken and ripped apart for scrap metal.... Continue Reading →

Wake Up Call

I was in a car accident recently.  My own fault - sort of.  Exhausted out of my mind, I fell asleep for the briefest moment at the wheel.  Brief.  About three seconds.  Enough so that instead of making the left turn I intended, I went straight and slammed into a wall.  It was the airbag... Continue Reading →

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