Underwear, Weights, & the Magic Shoes

The following are just several pieces of advice I'd like to share so that anyone who reads this might be spared the pain and humiliation I had to suffer. When putting on your underwear, do it sitting down. This goes for anything, really, that requires you to slip your feet through - pants, shorts, even... Continue Reading →


When I was nine years old I lived in an apartment complex not too far from where I live now.  It was 1984, the year after my father left.  I remember it being a nice place to live, with a swimming pool and plenty of kids my age to hang out with.  It was a... Continue Reading →


So, fellow writers, I'm curious about your process. More specifically, your "rotation," if you will. I tend to work on several short pieces at the same time, but obsess over getting ONE finished, so that my other work suffers, my novel as well. How do you work this out? Do you focus on one thing,... Continue Reading →

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