Pressed For Words

I’m here, at my computer, dressed and ready for work.  Miraculously I have 20 minutes to kill.  This almost never happens.  I’m horrible at getting ready in the morning.  I will push sleep until the last possible minute, and sometimes further.  This does not often work in my favor.

So the question I’ve posed myself is this: Can I write a decent blog post in that time?  Or, better yet: Can I not bore you to tears rattling on about something trivial like how cold it is, or why I was a dummy and forgot to put my load of laundry in the dryer before I went to bed?  That tends to be my downfall with blogging – I’m struck with something I want to share that I believe to be profound, then suddenly I’m toiling away about dishes or grocery shopping.

See?  I did it again.

The truth is sometimes I’ll have nonsense to share.  And I think that’s okay.  It took several years and many a cocktail to come to that conclusion.  I accept this – it’s who I am.  Nonsense is my middle name!  Okay, it isn’t really.  In fact, I’m a bit ashamed I even wrote that.  But I’ll leave it, as a future reminder, when I’m scrolling through Posts From Blogging Past.  We all change as time marches on, but I think it’s important to be confronted with shady tokens of our past.  

Humility, I firmly believe, is a virtue.

And I’ll leave it at that.  Amazingly only ten of those golden twenty minutes has gone by.  And – give me a second – in having reread this post, I can see that ten minutes doesn’t really offer much, does it?

Happy Friday! 


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